The MeadoWatch program uses a community-science approach to monitor wildflower phenology at Mt Rainier National Park. We are interested in understanding how the timing of key plant phenophases (budding, flowering, fruiting, and seed release) will shift in response to climate change. This project is a collaboration between our lab, the Hille Ris Lambers Lab at ETH Zurich, and the National Park Service.


Key Papers

Manzanedo RD, John A, Sethi M, Theobald E, Brosi BJ, Jenkins J, Kloss-Schmidt A, Lia E, Schiffer A, Sevigny J, Wilson A, Yogev Y, Hille Ris Lambers J. 2022. MeadoWatch: a long-term community-science database of wildflower phenology in Mount Rainier National Park. Scientific Data 9:151.

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